Oliver Arafat

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In this paper, we address a typical obstacle in runtime verification of linear temporal logic (LTL) formulae: standard models of linear temporal logic are infinite traces, whereas run-time verification has to deal with only finite system behaviours. This problem is usually addressed by defining an LTL semantics for finite traces, which, however, does(More)
The development processes of open source software are different from traditional closed source development processes. Still, open source software is frequently of high quality. Thus, we are investigating how open source software creates high quality and whether it can maintain this quality for ever larger project sizes. In this paper, we look at one(More)
xAnVi is an extensible framework for the analysis and visualization of graphs. The framework consists of a small core to manage resources, plugins and extension points and an arbitrarily expandable set of plugins to provide the actual application functionality. This paper describes the design approach to create a modular bioinformatics toolkit/framework(More)
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