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The torsion of an ectopic (= wandering) spleen is a rare entity especially in children. Clinically it presents either with signs of an "acute abdomen" or as a fairly painful abdominal "tumor" of the chronic recurrent type. Ultrasonography, arteriography, and additional scintigraphy in special cases are of greatest value in the preoperative diagnostic(More)
Standard therapy for lupus nephritis is based on non-specific immunosuppression. We aimed to identify specific alterations in T cell and cytokine homeostasis and possible associations with disease activity in children with lupus nephritis (LN). The phenotype of circulating T cells from children with LN and healthy controls (HC) was analyzed by flow(More)
The release of hemoglobin from mechanically stressed erythrocytes into plasma is a general side effect of extracorporeal therapies, such as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation or hemodialysis. In many reported cases dialysis patients showed elevated cell-free plasma hemoglobin (CPH) levels which are associated with pathophysiological effects. In this in(More)
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