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Although the literature on university-industry links has begun to uncover the reasons for, and types of, collaboration between universities and businesses, it offers little explanation of ways to reduce the barriers in these collaborations. This paper seeks to unpack the nature of the obstacles to collaborations between universities and industry, exploring(More)
Author Biographies Oliver Alexy holds a degree in management of information systems from the University of Regensburg, Germany. A PhD student at TUM Business School, Technische Universität München, he is engaged in research into the incentives that lead corporations and individuals to participate in, and the processes followed by, open source software(More)
and participants of the 5 th International Workshop on User Innovation for several helpful comments. All remaining errors are of course our own. ABSTRACT In this study, we conduct a scenario experiment testing the effect of monetary rewards on intrinsic motivation of open source software (OSS) developers. While we observe no difference in intrinsic(More)
Entrepreneurial ventures rely not only on founders, but also on " joiners " – individuals who are attracted to working in startups as employees but who do not want to be founders themselves. We examine the role of individual preferences and social-contextual influences in shaping founder and joiner orientations prior to the first career transition. In doing(More)
Until now, time has been mainly used as a variable in IT-related event studies to explain the delayed impact of IT investments on firm value and productivity. Yet, the timing of the event announcement itself, due to investor sentiment, may have an effect on its valuation by the capital market. Using the example of product source code releases as open(More)
Internet code, such as open source software code, which is available for gratis download from the Internet, is becoming an increasingly important element of code reuse in commercial software development. However, when individual developers practice such reuse in ad-hoc fashion, for different reasons they might disregard potentially existing license(More)
Entrepreneurial ventures rely not only on founders, but also on " joiners " – startup employees who share similar " entrepreneurial " characteristics as founders but who do not want to be founders themselves. In this study we examine how preferences and contextual factors relate – both independently and jointly – with individuals' interest in being either a(More)
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