Oliver Alexy

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Although the literature on university-industry links has begun to uncover the reasons for, and types of, collaboration between universities and businesses, it offers little explanation of ways to reduce the barriers in these collaborations. This paper seeks to unpack the nature of the obstacles to collaborations between universities and industry, exploring(More)
Entrepreneurial ventures rely not only on founders, but also on “joiners” – individuals who are attracted to working in startups as employees but who do not want to be founders themselves. We examine the role of individual preferences and social-contextual influences in shaping founder and joiner orientations prior to the first career transition. In doing(More)
Most firms that use or develop software today face the questions of whether and how to engage in open source software. Yet, little is known about the process of OSS adoption and diffusion within corporations. Guided by the theoretical frameworks of Rogers (innovation diffusion) and Davis (Technology Acceptance Model), we develop a model of how job function(More)
In this study, we conduct a scenario experiment testing the effect of monetary rewards on intrinsic motivation of open source software (OSS) developers. While we observe no difference in intrinsic motivation between the payment and no payment scenario, total motivation increases when a monetary reward is offered. We find that self-reported interest(More)
Until now, time has been mainly used as a variable in IT-related event studies to explain the delayed impact of IT investments on firm value and productivity. Yet, the timing of the event announcement itself, due to investor sentiment, may have an effect on its valuation by the capital market. Using the example of product source code releases as open(More)
Maryann Feldman, April Franco, and Shon Hiatt for their helpful comments and suggestions, as well as seminar participants at Boston University, Copenhagen Business School, Duke University, the DRUID Summer Conference, the Fox-Kauffman Workshop on Empirical Entrepreneurship, the Georgia Tech Roundtable for Engineering Entrepreneurship Research, the IZA(More)