Olive W. Tang

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SMC condensin complexes play a central role in organizing and compacting chromosomes in all domains of life [1, 2]. In the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, cells lacking SMC are viable only during slow growth and display decondensed chromosomes, suggesting that SMC complexes function throughout the genome [3, 4]. Here, we show that rapid inactivation of SMC or(More)
The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet lowers serum uric acid (SUA) levels compared to the typical American (control) diet. However, the time required for the DASH diet to take effect is unknown. We analyzed data from a parallel arm, randomized-controlled trial in pre-hypertensive or hypertensive adults (N = 103), comparing the effects of(More)
Reducing uric acid is hypothesized to lower blood pressure, although evidence is inconsistent. In this ancillary of the DASH-Sodium trial, we examined whether sodium-induced changes in serum uric acid (SUA) were associated with changes in blood pressure. One hundred and three adults with prestage or stage 1 hypertension were randomly assigned to receive(More)
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