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OBJECTIVE To examine referral pathways from primary care for patients with epithelial ovarian cancer and to identify factors related to survival at 18 months. DESIGN Retrospective review of patient notes. SETTING General practices and receiving hospitals within Mersey region. SUBJECTS 135 patients with epithelial ovarian cancer identified from an(More)
Primary arteritis of the aorta is a distinct entity. Earlier descriptions of Takayasu's disease,' brachial arteritis,2 and aortic arch syndrome3 cover only one facet, and may be misleading. More recent reports4 5 based on necropsy or angiographic findings suggest that occlusive changes may affect any part of the aorta and its branches. This present case(More)
In 1971 the maternity care delivery system in Salisbury, Zimbabwe was reorganized. Prior to that time, all maternity services were provided by the Harare Maternity Hospital but the facility was not able to adequately meet the needs of the community. In 1970 the problem was studied and a design for a new system was adopted. This system was described and(More)
New products just don't happen. They are the result of the workings of keen minds, gifted with imagination, and trained in the knowledge of technical possibilities and the understanding of the needs and desires of the buying public. In the complicated food business today, they usually come about through the efforts of a group of trained specialists. The(More)