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OBJECTIVE To examine referral pathways from primary care for patients with epithelial ovarian cancer and to identify factors related to survival at 18 months. DESIGN Retrospective review of patient notes. SETTING General practices and receiving hospitals within Mersey region. SUBJECTS 135 patients with epithelial ovarian cancer identified from an(More)
  • O Frost
  • 1984
This paper presents data on perinatal and maternal deaths occurring in the Black Lion Hospital, Addis Ababa, in 1980. The data were collected by a research midwife. A total of 3936 infants were delivered to 3868 women during this period. The stillbirth rate was 52.6/1000; the perinatal mortality rate was 8.6/1000; and the maternal mortality rate was(More)
In 1971 the maternity care delivery system in Salisbury, Zimbabwe was reorganized. Prior to that time, all maternity services were provided by the Harare Maternity Hospital but the facility was not able to adequately meet the needs of the community. In 1970 the problem was studied and a design for a new system was adopted. This system was described and(More)
  • O Frost
  • 1975
The incidence of bilharziasis of the Fallopian tube was studied in a control group of patients and in patients with ectopic pregnancies and severe salpingitis, but no significant difference was found. Two groups of 55 patients, each of which comprised 17 with ectopic pregnancies and 38 with severe pelvic sepsis, were studied for parity, symptoms and signs.(More)