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Mucocele of the vermiform appendix is a rare disease of the appendix caused by mucoid substance retention in its lumen, due to obstruction or hyperproduction due to appendiceal retention cysts, mucosal hyperplasia, mucinous cystadenomas and cystadenocarcinomas. Therefore, also appendiceal malignancy can be the underlying cause, making accurate preoperative(More)
Tetanus is a major worldwide health problem, and its global incidence has been estimated to be approximately 1 million cases per year. In particular, tetanus is more frequent in the elderly as compared with adults. We report a case of an octogenarian who presented with dysphagia and tremors as the only clinical symptoms. During hospitalization, the(More)
The AA. describe an intravenous out-patient anaesthesia, utilized in oral surgery; it is called "conscious ketamina-neuroleptanalgesia". This original technique produces a heavy sedation of the patients without losing their consciousness and their capacity to collaborate; infact the verbal contact with the patient is maintained through the period of(More)
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