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Keywords: Inservice teacher Technology use Technology integration Teacher technology use Teacher professional development a b s t r a c t Early studies indicated that teachers' enacted beliefs, particularly in terms of classroom technology practices, often did not align with their espoused beliefs. Researchers concluded this was due, at least in part, to a(More)
To date limited data exists that addresses the impact of urinary incontinence on sexual function. In the present study, we assessed sexual functions in patients with urinary incontinence and compared with healthy continent subjects by means of Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) questionnaire. A total of 21 premenopausal incontinent women (three stress(More)
Previous research suggested a relationship between teachers' and students' attitudes towards a subject area. In order to increase female representation in Computer Science (CS), we need female teachers who have positive attitudes and can provide role models to encourage their female students to pursue CS careers. This study investigated factors that(More)
A single case study approach was used in this study to reveal pre-service teachers‘ concerns about technology integration in their future classrooms and to determine whether a dialogue through electronic channels between pre-service teachers and exemplary technology-using inservice teachers could help alleviate these concerns. Data from an initial(More)
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