Olgun Adem Kaya

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In this study, the nonlinear pressure fields of various sized rectangular transducers are modeled in three dimensions. The model was based on Aanonsen's model, which has earlier been presented for circular sources. The nonlinear wave propagation at finite amplitude is presented for square and rectangular type sources up to three harmonics. Numerical results(More)
Pliable conduits composed of periodically arranged concentric aluminum tori in air, with their axial cross sections acting as linear waveguides in two-dimensional sonic crystals, are numerically shown to guide acoustic waves in three dimensions in a flexible manner. Waveguide band structures are obtained by exploiting axial symmetry in a super-cell approach(More)
A system composed of air holes in a dielectric host to form two square photonic crystals, with the same orientation and lattice constant but different scatterer radii, making an interface along their body diagonals, is numerically demonstrated to facilitate unidirectional light transmission. Band structure computations are carried out via the plane wave(More)
Polarization-independent splitting of self-collimated transverse-electric and transverse-magnetic polarized waves in a two-dimensional square photonic crystal are demonstrated. The beam splitting is facilitated by the existence of sharp edges in flat equifrequency contours.
It is numerically shown that surface modes of two-dimensional phononic crystals, which are Bloch modes bound to the interface between the phononic crystal and the surrounding host, can couple back and forth between the surfaces in a length scale determined by the separation of two surfaces and frequency. Supercell band structure computations through the(More)
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