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A model is presented that characterizes security logs as a collection of norms that reflect patterns of emergent behavior. An analysis technique for detecting behavioral norms based on these logs is described and evaluated. The application of behavioral norms is considered, including its use in system security evaluation and anomaly detection.
The normative security paradigm seeks to view a system as a society in which security is achieved by a combination of legislative provisions and normative behaviors. Drawing solely on legislative provisions is insufficient to achieve a just and orderly society. Similarly, security paradigms that focus solely on security policies and controls are(More)
Simon Foley: Thanks Bruce. This is a joint talk. I’m going to give a brief introduction and some context, and then Olgierd will take over with more detail. Following up on Bruce’s comment, I remember Bob Morris would sometimes describe security as absence of surprise and we’ve been looking at the security surprises that result from programmer error. For a(More)
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