Olgierd Hryniewicz

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Article Outline Glossary I. Definition of the Subject and Its Importance II. Introduction III. Mathematical modeling of imprecise data IV. Fuzzy random variables V. Statistical analysis of random fuzzy perceptions VI.1 Fuzzy estimators and fuzzy confidence intervals VI.2 Fuzzy statistical tests VII. Statistical analysis of random fuzzy variables VIII.(More)
The shadowed sets are proposed by Pedrycz as a granule manner to approximate the fuzzy sets with preserving the uncertainty features. Many methods have been made in this context to maintain various characteristics of uncertainty for fuzzy sets. In this paper, a new method is proposed which it is preserve more than one kind of uncertainty in fuzzy sets. The(More)
Experts are able to predict sales based on approximate reasoning and subjective beliefs related to market trends in general but also to imprecise linguistic concepts about time series evolution. Linguistic concepts are linked with demand and supply, but their dependencies are difficult to be captured via traditional methods for crisp data analysis. There(More)