Olga Yu. Vekovischeva

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In the present study we compared genetically selected aggressive (TA) and nonaggressive (TNA) male mice, as well as males from an unselected control line (SW), in three tests of anxiety: the elevated plus-maze, the light-dark box, and the staircase test. Males were tested repeatedly for 3 days. In all three tests TA males were found to be more active and(More)
In state-dependency, information retrieval is most efficient when the animal is in the same state as it was during the information acquisition. State-dependency has been implicated in a variety of learning and memory processes, but its mechanisms remain to be resolved. Here, mice deficient in AMPA-type glutamate receptor GluA1 subunits were first(More)
An ethological approach was used to compare nonverbal behavior in infants aged six and 12 months with neurological problems from birth (ICD-10 P91.8; risk group) with the behavior of their healthy (normal group) peers. Assessment of the sequence and duration of behavioral elements displayed by the infants in the familiar home environment during day-to-day(More)
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