Olga Yu Gavel

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Adenylate kinase (AK; ATP:AMP phosphotransferase; EC is involved in the reversible transfer of the terminal phosphate group from ATP to AMP. AKs contribute to the maintenance of a constant(More)
Native zinc/cobalt-containing ATP sulfurylase (ATPS; EC; MgATP:sulfate adenylyltransferase) from Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ATCC 27774 was purified to homogeneity and crystallized. The(More)
Adenylate kinases (AK) from Gram-negative bacteria are generally devoid of metal ions in their LID domain. However, three metal ions, zinc, cobalt, and iron, have been found in AK from Gram-negative(More)
Adenylate kinase (AK) mediates the reversible transfer of phosphate groups between the adenylate nucleotides and contributes to the maintenance of their constant cellular level, necessary for energy(More)
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