Olga Yastrubetskaya

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AIMS This study examines elements of genetic discrimination among an at-risk, clinically undiagnosed Huntington's disease (HD) population. METHODS Sixty at-risk individuals, either positive or negative for the HD genetic mutation, completed a survey regarding their experiences of genetic discrimination, adverse and unfair treatment, and knowledge about(More)
Of 73 patients who met selection criteria to enter into a study on aggressive behaviour in schizophrenia, 11 patients (15.1%) did not participate. The participants and non-participants were similar in age, gender ratio and proportion who had aggressive behaviour. The participants, however, had a longer duration of illness, a longer duration of current(More)
The objective of this study was to determine whether extrapyramidal side effects of neuroleptics are associated with aggressive behaviour in schizophrenia. Thirty-one physically aggressive patients meeting DSM-III-R criteria for schizophrenia were compared with 31 matched non-aggressive patients in relation to their extrapyramidal side effects, including(More)
This article presents results of monitoring of the recruitment process for a phase III study of a new antidepressant drug in elderly patients with depressive disorders, focusing on the peculiarities of recruitment posed by the presence of comorbidity and coadministration of medications. Data are derived from screening of 188 patients, the majority of whom(More)
INTRODUCTION Pastoral Care (PC) practitioners respond to the spiritual needs of patients and families of all spiritual orientations. The integrated PC service in an acute psychogeriatric inpatient ward at St Vincent's Aged Mental Health Service, Melbourne, Australia, was examined to investigate how PC was being accessed by inpatients. METHODS A(More)
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