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Long-lasting anticorrosive coatings for steel have been developed on the basis of halloysite nanotubes loaded with three corrosion inhibitors: benzotriazole, mercaptobenzothiazole, and mercaptobenzimidazole. The inhibitors' loaded tubes were admixed at 5-10 wt % to oil-based alkyd paint providing sustained agent release and corrosion healing in the coating(More)
The comparative analysis of expression level of FCRL1 gene encoding human B-cell surface receptor in healthy individuals and patients with autoimmune diseases was carried out. For the expression estimation we used results of DNA dot-hybridization on the membranes, containing cDNA samples from subpopulations of blood cells of patients with autoimmune(More)
We propose a new paradigm of human-drone interaction through projecting image on the road and foot gestures. The proposed technology allowed to create a new type of tangible interaction with drone, i.e., DroneBall game for augmented sport and FlyMap to let a drone know where to fly. We developed LightAir system that makes possible information sharing,(More)
The cells of buccal epithelium were investigated in groups of smoking and non-smoking students. Cell samples were collected by scraping with blunt sterile spatula, stained with orcein and photographed. The smoking of cigarettes and hookah induces significant decrease in nuclear and cell perimeter and cell area in cells of buccal epithelium. Smoking of(More)
IgG polymorphism (allotypes H3, H4, H6 and H8 of constant region of the gamma-chain) was investigated in healthy and affected with Aleutian disease (AD) minks from two Siberian and one Danish populations. In all three populations, the expression of H3 and H4 allotypes was strongly associated with AD. Among the AD minks the frequency of H6, H8 phenotype was(More)
The ubiquinones may be obtained synthetically or isolated from various biological materials [1-4]. All ubiquinones including the lowest occur naturally [5]. It is expedient to carry out the preparation of ubiquinones Q~-Q4 by chemical synthesis [3, 6, 7]. The limited possibility of obtaining ubiquinones of longer chain length is associated with,the(More)
110 ranch-raised minks were injected with the Aleutian disease virus. Allotypes of constant regions of gamma-heavy chains of the mink immunoglobulins secreted have been analysed during 3 months. Activation of the expression of two markers (H3 and/or H4) up to minor or to nominal level (above 200 micrograms/ml) was observed. No such enhancement of expression(More)