Olga Vladimirovna Efimova

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Approach for in vivo real-time assessment of tumor tissue extracellular pH (pH(e)), redox, and intracellular glutathione based on L-band EPR spectroscopy using dual function pH and redox nitroxide probe and disulfide nitroxide biradical, is described. These parameters were monitored in PyMT mice bearing breast cancer tumors during treatment with granulocyte(More)
A variable radio frequency proton-electron double-resonance imaging (VRF PEDRI) approach for pH mapping of aqueous samples has been recently developed (Efimova et al. J. Magn. Reson. 2011, 209, 227-232). A pH map is extracted from two PEDRI acquisitions performed at electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) frequencies of protonated and unprotonated forms of a(More)
In vivo mapping of alterations in redox status is important for understanding organ specific pathology and disease. While electron paramagnetic resonance imaging (EPRI) enables spatial mapping of free radicals, it does not provide anatomic visualization of the body. Proton MRI is well suited to provide anatomical visualization. We applied EPR/NMR co-imaging(More)
Potassium ferricyanide (PF), routinely employed for the oxidation of sterically-hindered hydroxylamines to nitroxides, is considered to be chemically inert towards the latter. In the present study, we report on an unexpected oxidative fragmentation of the imidazolidine nitroxides containing hydrogen atom in the 4-position of the heterocycle (HIMD) by PF(More)
Proton-electron double-resonance imaging (PEDRI) offers rapid image data collection and high resolution for spatial distribution of paramagnetic probes. Recently we developed the concept of variable field (VF) PEDRI which enables extracting a functional map from a limited number of images acquired at pre-selected EPR excitation fields using specific(More)
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Catecholamine, serotonin and histamine metabolism and the level of acid metabolites and the activity of the enzymes lactate dehydrogenase and catalse in blood were studied in patients with congenital heart disease who were operated on under conditions of extracorporeal circulation and morphine anesthesia. The results obtained were compared with the values(More)
Fecundity and mass of egg, as well as survival of offspring, of hatchery-reared small (less than 406 g) females of Atlantic salmon are determined. The absolute fecundity and mass of egg of artificially reared fish are sufficiently less than that of anadromous spawners. Small females are characterized by delayed spawning; histological analysis has(More)
The purpose of the review--to analyze the basic data on modifiable and genetic risk factors of pancreatic cancer (PC). PC is the most fatal disease that kills about 95% of patients. Among the known risk factors for PC only for smoking, obesity, and family history a positive association with the PC risk in meta-analyzes confirmed. The PC etiology remains(More)
Proton-electron double resonance imaging (PEDRI) has been utilized for indirect determination of oxygen concentrations in aqueous samples and living systems. Due to the complexity of the problem, there are seven oxygen related parameters that need to be measured to determine the distribution of oxygen. We present an improved approach in which image(More)