Olga V Falameeva

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Serum chitotriosidase activity was determined in different conditions accompanied by macrophage stimulation. Stimulation of macrophages with zymosan, yeast polysaccharide carboxymethylglucan (fraction II), and lysosomotropic preparation Triton WR-1339 1.5–2.0-fold increased enzyme activity. Chitotriosidase activity in intact Wistar rats was similar to that(More)
Development of murine HA-1 hepatoma was accompanied by increased activity of cathepsin B (in ascitic cells), cathepsin D (in ascitic fluid) and increased activity of procathepsin B. There were some changes of cysteine proteinases in liver and spleen, not involved directly into tumor growth. The most prominent changes included the decreased level of cysteine(More)
We studied the effect of macrophage stimulator water-soluble β-(1→3)-D-carboxymethylglucan on the efficiency of cyclophosphamide chemotherapy in Lewis lung carcinoma. Cyclophosphamide inhibited the growth of primary tumor nodes by 57%. The preparation possessed pronounced antimetastatic activity: metastases were found in 40.9% animals. Combination therapy(More)
The growth of LS-lymphosarcoma in CBA mice was accompanied by a decrease in the content of the major extracellular inhibitor cystatin C in the tumor, plasma and, to a lesser extent, in tissued not involved in tumor process (liver and spleen). Cyclophosphamide in a dose of 50 mg/kg prolonged the life-span of animals and decreased tumor size by 80%. Cathepsin(More)
The concentration of stefin A (cystatin A in mice) was measured in animals with experimental tumors (LS lymphosarcoma, HA-1-hepatoma, and Lewis lung carcinoma) during effective antitumor therapy. In mice with these tumors serum concentrations of stefin A increased, while the concentration of cystatin C (extracellular cystein proteinase inhibitor) decreased.(More)
The comparative study of activity of cysteine protease cathepsin K and matrix metalloproteases (MMPs) in bone tissue of accelerated senescent OXYS rats with early ageing comparatively to Wistar rats of the same age was performed. Early development osteoporosis is a typical feature of OXYS rats. In bone tissue of 3 month old OXYS rats, before appearance of(More)
Proteoglycans play a crucial role in bone tissue formation promoting consolidation of collagen fibers and bonds between them and mineral crystals. The composition of extracellular matrix proteoglycans was analyzed in early aging OXYS rats with signs of early osteoporosis versus Wistar rats at the age of 2, 4, 6, and 8 months. It was found that bone mineral(More)
Serpin alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor have been studied in human subjects and in mice of different lines as acute phase reactant and during tumor development. In humans, there was no difference of serpin activity between men and women. Increased activity was noted in men with acute trauma (acute phase reaction). Comparatively to male, in female mice of(More)
The efficiency of chemotherapy of Lewis lung carcinoma with cyclophosphamide was affected by administration of the water-soluble yeast polysaccharide derivative--carboxymethylated (1 --> 3)-beta-D-glucan (CMG)-a well-known macrophage stimulator. It was found that while cyclophosphamide showed 57% growth inhibition of the intramuscular tumor implants in(More)
We measured activity and content of cathepsin B in tumor tissues, liver, and spleen in mice with Lewis adenocarcinoma and LS-lymphosarcoma. Cathepsin B activity in Lewis adenocarcinoma cells was lower than in LS-lymphosarcoma cells, which was probably related to differences in their metastatic properties. Antitumor therapy increased activity and content of(More)
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