Olga Suboc

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In this paper, three-dimensional parabolic and pseudo-parabolic equations with classical, periodic and nonlocal boundary conditions are approximated by the full approximation backward Euler method, locally one dimensional and Douglas ADI splitting schemes. The stability with respect to initial conditions is investigated. We note that the stability of the(More)
In this paper we develop and validate mathematical models and numerical algorithms for the heat transfer simulation in composite materials. The main features of the problem deal with the dependence of the heat source on the solution, discontinuous diffusion coefficients and nonlinear convection and radiation boundary conditions. The differential problem is(More)
The labeled skeleton is generally recognized as an appropriate representation of digital figures, whose thickness is neither disregardable nor constant, and has been used as a tool for shape decomposition and description [1]. This tool is very useful in segmentation of medical images (especially CT and MR images), where many aspects of imaging conditions(More)
The accuracy of adaptive integration algorithms for solving stiff ODE is investigated. The analysis is done by comparing the discrete and exact amplification factors of the equations. It is proved that the usage of stiffness number of the Jacobian matrix is sufficient in order to estimate the complexity of solving ODE problems by explicit integration(More)
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