Olga Sorkine

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We analyze characteristic curves of vector fields and report on locations where they have cusps in their spatial projection, i.e., isolated points on the curve with abruptly turning tangent direction. Cusps appear in places where a projection of the corresponding tangent curve vector field exhibits critical points. We show that such cusps are only possible(More)
Representing surfaces in local, rather than global, coordinate systems proves to be useful for various geometry processing applications. In particular, we have been investigating surface representations based on differential coordinates, constructed using the Laplacian operator and discrete forms. Unlike global Cartesian coordinates, that only represent the(More)
Seam Carving, the popular content aware image resizing technique removes seams of low energy iteratively without considering the global visual impact of the image. It is computation intensive. Sometimes seams unavoidable pass through the ROIs and distort their geometric shapes. The ROIs of low energy cannot sustain seam carving. We proposed a piecewise(More)
SIGGRAPH is proud to recognize Olga Sorkine as the 2011 recipient of the Significant New Researcher Award. Her outstanding early contributions to the field of geometry processing, particularly her highly influential graduate research on differential coordinates, and her subsequent work on interactive mesh editing have already had a huge impact; her recent(More)
This paper introduces an implicit representation of the u;v texture mapping. Instead of using the traditional explicit u;v mapping coordinates, a non-distorted piecewise embedding of the triangular mesh is created, on which the original texture is remapped, yielding warped textures. This creates an effective atlas of the mapped triangles and provides a(More)
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