Olga Simmons

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BACKGROUND Epidermal hyperplasia is a histological hallmark observed in both atopic dermatitis (AD) and psoriasis, although the clinical features and the underlying immunological disorders of these diseases are different. We previously showed that periostin, a matricellular protein, plays a critical role in epidermal hyperplasia in AD, using a mouse model(More)
Although Patch mutants show severe abnormalities in many neural crest-derived structures including the face and the heart, there is a paucity of information characterizing the mechanisms underlying these congenital defects. Via manipulating the genetic background to circumvent early embryonic lethality, our results revealed that Patch phenotypes are most(More)
The initial heart is composed of a myocardial tube lined by endocardial cells. The TGFβ superfamily is known to play an important role, as BMPs from the myocardium signal to the overlying endocardium to create an environment for EMT. Subsequently, BMP and TGFβ signaling pathways synergize to form primitive valves and regulate myocardial growth. In this(More)
Proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes are normally well balanced, but this balance can be perturbed in wound healing and is dysregulated in pathological conditions such as atopic dermatitis. Epithelial-mesenchymal interaction affects this event via the cross-talk of cytokines and growth factors. Periostin, a matricellular protein, has an(More)
Section in situ hybridization using either radioactive or nonradioactive labeled cDNA probes is an invaluable technique that enables the investigator to detect and localize mRNA expression within tissue sections and cells. Here, we describe the labeling of (35)S-UTP radioactive and nonradioactive digoxigenin probes, preparation of tissue sections,(More)
Suggestons for integrating population policy analysis into the development planning process in developing countries are provided. Ideally, population units should be located within the country's development planning agency. The unit should have a staff with training in demography, social science, and policy analysis. The unit should have access to(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) genes are expressed in the developing heart from the initiation to late-differentiation stages, and play pivotal roles in cardiovascular development. In this study, we investigated the requirement of BMP activity in heart development by transgenic over-expression of extracellular BMP antagonist Noggin. (More)