Olga Schäfer

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The adaptive behaviour of the human controller in a closed loop system with stochastic testsignals is investigated. For several typical simulated processes functional models for the human controller are derived. These models describe the adaptability of the human controller to processes which are free of dead-time, assuming simple control tasks. Finally the(More)
The ability to reversibly cross-link proteins and peptides grants the amino acid cysteine its unique role in nature as well as in peptide chemistry. We report a novel class of S-alkylsulfonyl-l-cysteines and N-carboxy anhydrides (NCA) thereof for peptide synthesis. The S-alkylsulfonyl group is stable against amines and thus enables its use under Fmoc(More)
Achieving precise control over the morphology and function of polymeric nanostructures during self-assembly remains a challenge in materials as well as biomedical science, especially when independent control over particle properties is desired. Herein, we report on nanostructures derived from amphiphilic block copolypept(o)ides by(More)
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