Olga S Pavlova

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Autotransporters are bacterial virulence factors that contain an N-terminal extracellular ("passenger") domain and a C-terminal β barrel ("β") domain that anchors the protein to the outer membrane. The β domain is required for passenger domain secretion, but its exact role in autotransporter biogenesis is unclear. Here we describe insights into the function(More)
The objective of this research was quantitative assessment of serum and membrane regulatory proteins in blood from nuclear workers as markers of radiation-induced alterations in immune homeostasis in the late period after protracted exposure of nuclear workers with different doses. The effector and regulatory lymphocytes were measured using a flow(More)
Radiobiological Human Tissue repository was established in order to obtain and store biological material from Mayak PA workers occupationally exposed to ionizing (α- and/or γ-) radiation in a wide dose range, from the residents exposed to long term radiation due to radiation accidents and transfer of the samples to scientists for the purpose of studying the(More)
Samples of induced sputum from 187 individuals were used to estimate the bronchopulmonary immunity status after a prolonged radiation exposure (120 individuals who are the Mayak main plant workers were exposed to combined internal a-radiation due to incorporated plutonium (239Pu) and external y-radiation during their career). The control group included 67(More)
This article describes a method to detect and analyze dynamic interactions between a protein of interest and other factors in vivo. Our method is based on the amber suppression technology that was originally developed by Peter Schultz and colleagues. An amber mutation is first introduced at a specific codon of the gene encoding the protein of interest. The(More)
Genome variability and changes in immune homeostasis, induced in man in the course of long-term industrial contact with ionizing radiation (IR) sources were studied by using unique biomaterials stored in the Radiobiological Repository for Human Tissues at the Southern Urals Biophysics Institute, FMBA. The biomaterials, peripheral blood samples and blood DNA(More)
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