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Costal cartilages--a clue for determination of sex.
Mineralization and ossification in the human costal cartilages were studied radiologically. The aim of our study was to evaluate differences between males and females with respect to patterns ofExpand
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Age and sexually dimorphic changes in costal cartilages. A preliminary microscopic study.
This study reports changes in costal cartilages that appear at the microscopic level throughout life, especially during the ossification process. The work builds on the results of our previous X-rayExpand
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Bleedings into the Anterior Aspect of the Intervertebral Disks in the Lumbar Region of the Spine as a Diagnostic Sign of Hanging
Abstract:  Simon’s hemorrhages are ventral intervertebral hemorrhages located beneath the anterior longitudinal ligament that have been described in cases of hanging and tend to appear in the lumbarExpand
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Sexual dimorphism of ossified costal cartilage. Radiograph scan study on Caucasian men and women (Czech population).
The aim of our study was to evaluate differences between males and females based on patterns of costal cartilage ossification and also with respect to ageing. We provided diagnosis of ossificationsExpand
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[Sexual dimorphic patterns of ossificated costal cartilages in humans].
Ossification of costal cartilages is one of many changes reflecting their ageing. It is found only in a limited percentage of population and used to begin at various ages. Shape of these ossificationExpand