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The World Input-Output Database (WIOD): Contents, Sources and Methods
The World Input-Output Database has been developed to analyse the effects of globalization on trade patterns, environmental pressures and socio-economic development across a wide set of countries.Expand
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Reducing Transatlantic Barriers to Trade and Investment: An Economic Assessment
This study reviews the importance of the bilateral economic relationship between the EU and US. It integrates NTB estimates, based on gravity modeling and firm surveys, with computable generalExpand
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Trends in International Trade and FDI in Services: a global database of services trade
This paper builds upon an updated database of international trade and FDI in services (Trade in Services Database Ð TSD) to provide an overview of recent trends in volume and modes of trade inExpand
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Consolidated Data on International Trade in Services
This is an update to the 2009 release of the trade in services database (TSD). The database provides a consolidated and reconciled version of multiple sources of bilateral trade data. Its advantagesExpand
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Modeling the Effects of Free Trade Agreements between the EU and Canada, USA and Moldova/Georgia/Armenia on the Austrian Economy: Model Simulations for Trade Policy Analysis
This study examines the economic impact on Austria of three possible new EU free trade agreements: (1) an EU-US agreement; (2) an EU-Canada agreement; and (3) an EUArmenia/Georgia/Moldova agreement.Expand
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Labour Shortages Driving Economic Growth
Summary In most of the countries from Central, East and Southeast Europe (CESEE), the current virtuous circle of rising consumption and incomes is expected to continue at least in the near term,Expand
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The Belarus Economy: The Challenges of Stalled Reforms. wiiw Research Report No.413
Twenty-five years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Belarus stands out as a special case in transition blending, on the one hand, signs of relative prosperity, socially oriented policies andExpand
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Where Have All the Shooting Stars Gone
The report analyses recent economic developments and short- and medium-term prospects of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe including Turkey, as well as Kazakhstan, Russia,Expand
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Ukraine's trade policy : a strategy for integration into global trade
This publication identifies the key drivers of Ukraine's recent trade performance, assesses current trade policies, and proposes recommendations to strengthen the Ukraine's trade integrationExpand
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EU and BRICs: Challenges and Opportunities for European Competitiveness and Cooperation. Background Study for the European Competitiveness Report 2009
As part of the framework contract for the preparation of the annual European Competitiveness Reports led by WIFO, the wiiw and other research partners provided a detailed analysis of trade, foreignExpand
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