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3-Aryltropanes have been widely explored for potential medications for remediation of cocaine abuse. Research has focused predominantly on 8-azatropanes and it is now well recognized that these(More)
Enthalpies of oxidative addition of PhE-EPh (E = S, Se, Te) to the M(0) complexes M(PiPr3)2(CO)3 (M = Mo, W) to form stable complexes M(*EPh)(PiPr3)2(CO)3 are reported and compared to analogous data(More)
Beta-elimination is explored as a possible means of nitrogen-atom transfer into organic molecules. Molybdenum(IV) ketimide complexes of formula (Ar[t-Bu]N)3Mo(N=C(X)Ph), where Ar = 3,5-Me2C6H3 and X(More)