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Beneficial effects of Lactobacilli have been reported, and lactic bacteria are employed for conservation of foods. Therefore, the effects of a Lactobacillus fermentum strain were analyzed regarding inhibitory effects on staphylococci, Candida albicans and enterotoxigenic enterobacteria by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). TEM of bacterial biofilms was(More)
In this paper, we generalize the notion of Kantorovich-type sampling operators using the Fejér-type singular integral. By means of these operators we are able to reconstruct signals (functions) which are not necessarily continuous. Moreover, our generalization allows us to take the measurement error into account. The goal of this paper is to(More)
Super resolution (SR) algorithms are widely used in forensics investigations to enhance the resolution of images captured by surveillance cameras. Such algorithms usually use a common interpolation algorithm to generate an initial guess for the desired high resolution (HR) image. This initial guess is usually tuned through different methods, like(More)
Despite the rapid development of medical technologies, chemotherapy treatment still occupies an important place in clinical oncology. In this regard, the current research in this area focuses on the synthesis of new highly effective antitumor substances that have minimal side effects and the development of stable pharmaceutical formulations (PF) on their(More)
Botulinum toxin (BT) therapy is an established treatment of spasticity due to stroke. For multiple sclerosis (MS) spasticity this is not the case. IAB-Interdisciplinary Working Group for Movement Disorders formed a task force to explore the use of BT therapy for treatment of MS spasticity. A formalised PubMed literature search produced 55 publications (3(More)
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