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Parkinson's disease is one of the common neurological conditions which predominantly affects the elderly but increasingly also younger people. Sufferers present persistent problems with oral health aggravated by extensive tooth loss leading to an impaired dentition. Greece and other countries experiencing the same demographic trends, face growing numbers of(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore older adults' patterns and risk behaviours to be invoked in the allocation of strategies to promote oral health. BACKGROUND to dental services is determined by factors that serve as barriers to or enablers of older adults' behaviour and attitudes towards oral health. Appropriate oral health promotion activities are of particular(More)
AIMS To validate an assessment of qualities of complete dentures that may relate to functional success. SUBJECTS A consecutive sample of 131 complete denture wearers took part in the study. SETTING a Greek department of prosthetic dentistry. INTERVENTION All participants and their dentures underwent clinical examination. DESIGN The Functional(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore the effect of soft denture liners on the masticatory performance and muscle activity of edentulous patients wearing complete dentures, as determined by using objective measurement methods. DATA Randomized controlled clinical trials and Cross-over studies that evaluated the masticatory capacity and muscle activity in denture wearers(More)
Removable complete and partial dentures are supported by the residual alveolar ridges consisting of mucosa, submucosa, periosteum, and bone. An understanding of the biomechanical behavior of the oral mucosa is essential in order to improve the denture-bearing foundations for complete and partially edentulous patients. The purpose of this paper was to(More)
OBJECTIVES To systematically review the current evidence on the relationship between dentition status and chewing ability in older adults, as the latter was subjectively perceived by questionnaires. BACKGROUND Tooth loss is associated with functional impairment regarding chewing ability, depending on the number and the location of the remaining teeth. (More)
UNLABELLED Provisional restorations are designed in order to protect oral structures and promote function and esthetics for a limited period of time, after which they are to be replaced by a definite prosthesis. They play a particular role in diagnostic procedures and continued evaluation of the treatment plan, as they should resemble the form and function(More)
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