Olga Maria Fernandes Carvalho

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Musculoskeletal disorders are the major causes of the pain in the elderly population. Rheumatic conditions restrict participation in activities and mobility, as well as cause difficulties in the execution of self-care tasks. The assessment of health related quality of life (HRQOL) is an important indicator of the impact of rheumatic diseases on the(More)
The oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) and intravenous insulin tolerance test (15-min ITT) were applied to ten patients with psoriasis and to 11 control subjects. No significant differences in mean plasma glucose levels were detected between psoriatic patients and normal individuals. In contrast, serum insulin levels were significantly higher for the(More)
In the present study, we investigated the protein levels and phosphorylation status of the insulin receptor and insulin receptor substrates (IRS-1, IRS-2, and IRS-3) as well as their association with PI(3)-kinase in the rat adipose tissue of two models of insulin resistance: dexamethasone treatment and aging. AKT and atypical PKC phosphorylation detection(More)
The inconstant environment in which animals lives and the variation of their metabolic states determined the gas exchangers system that must be able to operate efficiently across a spectrum of conditions that range from resting to exercise and even under hypoxia. The primordial respiratory organs that evolved for water breathing were the gills, evaginated(More)
Oestrogens are responsible for the sexual dimorphism in adult mice lung tissue, and this difference is most notable at sexual maturity. Oestrogen receptor-alpha (ERα) and the oestrogen receptor-beta (ERβ) are the two receptors that mediate oestrogen action, but adult mice lung tissue only expresses ERβ, and it is probably through this receptor that(More)
In this work, we evaluate the lung retinoids content to study the possible difference between male and female mice during prenatal development and to comprehend if the vitamin A metabolism is similar in both genders. The study occurred between developmental days E15 and E19, and the retinol and retinyl palmitate lung contents were determined by HPLC(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies have addressed how often adverse drug reactions cause hospital admissions in Brazil. This study was carried out in a university hospital looking for the patterns of drug utilization before hospital admission and the frequency of adverse drug reactions. METHODS The study was developed in two steps. The first step evaluated the(More)
This study analyzes an experimental model for the study of reactions from gastric tissue exposed to enteric environment. Morphological studies were performed by histological, histochemical and immunohistochemical methods, using formalin-fixed biopsies of full-wall-thickness gastric implants in a whole-wall jejunal defect. These grafts suffered severe(More)
We determined retinoids liver content in male and female mice fetuses to study a possible sex difference during prenatal development, and to ascertain if vitamin A metabolism is similar in both sexes. The study was performed between developmental days E15-E19, and the fetuses were collected from two main groups: control (no manipulation) and vitamin A(More)