Olga M. Perez

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Site selection is a key factor in any aquaculture operation, affecting both success and sustainability. Moreover, it can solve conflicts between different coastal activities, making a rational use of the coastal space. Geographical information systems (GIS) have become of increased significance for environmental planning and assessment mainly because of the(More)
A cross-sectional survey of the seroprevalence of hepatitis A virus (HAV), B (HBV), C (HCV), and E (HEV) antibodies in a healthy population in Leon, Nicaragua was conducted and associated with demographic data. The overall prevalence of antibodies to HAV was 94.6%, to HBV 6.5% and to HEV between 4.6% and 8.0%, whereas none of 399 tested subjects showed(More)
Site selection is a key factor in any aquaculture operation, affecting both success and sustainability. The correct choice of site in any aquatic farming operation is vitally important since it can greatly influence economic viability by determining capital outlay, and, by affecting running costs, rates of productions and mortality factors. It is(More)
It is essential to know how the immune system acts in different neurological diseases, some of them non very well known or of unknown etiology at all. It was applied Reiber and Felgenhauer's formula in 56 patients with different diseases. IgA, IgM, IgG and albumin were quantified in sera and cerebrospinal fluid by simple immunodiffusion. It was observed(More)
The recent economic crisis in Spain has provoked a number of food and nutrition security (FNS) impacts that have fuelled a fragmented landscape of food-related debates, although these have not taken the form of a coherent and all-embracing public discussion on national food security. This paper is an inductive analysis of such debates, mostly based on media(More)
This study investigates the role of neighborhoods in adolescent violence in poor neighborhoods in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The study is part of a larger longitudinal project examining risk and resilience in adolescents' ages 12 to 15 years old and their caregivers. Using a cross-sectional design, a self-completion questionnaire, and an interviewer(More)
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