Olga M. Jaksic

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Microcantilever resonant frequency and mass fluctuation caused by adsorption and desorption of surrounding particles in a two-gas atmosphere are considered. Detailed derivations of mass fluctuation power spectral density and frequency fluctuation power spectral density are performed using analytical approach. The analogy between Shockley-Read(More)
Monolayer adsorption-desorption processes at the surface of plasmonic sensors are modeled, first in an exact way, as a nonlinear second-order reaction, and then, after some approximations justified from the practical point of view, as a first order linear reaction. The time evolution of the number of adsorbed molecules from the beginning of the process to(More)
We analyze the adsorption-desorption processes of particle adsorption on solid surfaces to check if these processes are Poissonian in order to adopt or disregard the vast mathematical heritage previously developed for Poissonian processes in all practical situations where these processes are essential: plasmonic and other adsorption-desorption sensors and(More)
In this paper we propose a method to improve the<lb>waveguides for optical communications based on 2-dimen-<lb>sional photonic crystals. To this purpose a standard channel<lb>waveguide is sandwiched between two omnidirectional<lb>Chigrin-type 1D dielectric layer stacks. The combination of<lb>total internal reflection and photonic band gap(More)
This paper presents the expirience of introducing the &#x0022;Optics Suitcase,&#x0022; a portable kit for demonstrating optics to students, developed at the Institute of Optics in Rochester, to high school children following experimental curriculum in the area of telecommunications. The main purpose of optics suitcase demonstration was to promote science,(More)
Micro/nanoresonator mass and frequency fluctuations caused by sorption processes on a resonator surface are investigated. Arbitrary gas mixture is considered, assuming that particle arrivals at the surface are all poissonian in nature, independent from each other, and that sorption dynamics follows the Langmuir isotherm. Power spectral density for mass(More)
In this paper we propose a novel operating principle for thermal vacuum sensor. The sensor considered in this work consists of thermopiles and thermally isolating membrane structure. The operating principle of such sensor would be based on monitoring thermal time constant dependence on pressure. In order to get the most prominent effect, sensor fabricated(More)
We consider some intrinsic noise mechanisms appearing in nanophotonic sensors based on plasmonic structures and surface plasmon-polaritons. We analyze the photonic Johnson-Nyquist fluctuations and the adsorption and desorption (AD) of analyte molecules at the sensing interface, as reflected through the refractive index and electromagnetic field changes. In(More)
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