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Inferences need to be drawn in biological systems using experimental multivariate data. The number of samples collected in many such experiments is small, and the data are noisy. We present and study the performance of a robust optimization (RO) model for such situations. We adapt this model to generate a minimum and a maximum estimation of analyte(More)
Lactate production under anaerobic conditions is indicative of human performance levels, fatigue, and hydration. Elevated lactate levels result from several medical conditions including congestive heart failure, hypoxia, and diabetic ketoacidosis. Real-time detection of lactate can therefore be useful for monitoring these medical conditions, posttrauma(More)
In this paper, the electric resonance characteristics of narrow waist diabolo shape gold metal bar nanoantenna have been investigated. These metal nanostructures induce surface plasmon polration (SPP) and localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) leading to enhance the absorption and the scattering cross sections characteristics of the antenna.(More)
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