Olga L. Malkina

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Our recently developed method for the calculation of indirect nuclear spin–spin coupling constants is studied in more detail. For the couplings between nuclei other than N, O, and F ͑which have lone pairs͒ the method yields very reliable results. The results for 1 J͑Si–H͒ couplings are presented and their dependence on the basis set quality is analyzed.(More)
We report the first implementation of the calculation of electronic g-tensors by density functional methods with hybrid functionals. Spin-orbit coupling is treated by the atomic meanfield approximation. g-Tensors for a set of small main group radicals and for a series of ten 3d and two 4d transition metal complexes have been compared using the local density(More)
A recently developed Thouless-expansion-based diagonalization-free approach for improving the efficiency of self-consistent field (SCF) methods (Noga and Šimunek, J. Chem. Theory Comput. 2010, 6, 2706) has been adapted to the four-component relativistic scheme and implemented within the program package ReSpect. In addition to the implementation, the method(More)
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