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OBJECTIVES To compare the risk factors of self-reported abortion in St Petersburg, Estonia and Finland, which are neighbouring areas having different abortion rates. METHODS Data from four population-based questionnaire surveys (Finland 1992 and 1999; St Petersburg 2003; Estonia 2004) were used. With the exception of the 1992 Finnish survey (based on(More)
Lithium is the most effective mood stabilizer for the treatment of bipolar disorder, but it is toxic at only twice the therapeutic dosage and has many undesirable side effects. It is likely that a small molecule could be found with lithium-like efficacy but without toxicity through target-based drug discovery; however, therapeutic target of lithium remains(More)
BACKGROUND although a solid body of international general practice studies focuses on epidemiological issues of partner abuse against women, there is no research in Russian primary care targeting its cultural diversity to provide sufficient evidence for health care intervention towards this important public health issue. OBJECTIVES to measure lifetime and(More)
BACKGROUND Russian society has faced dramatic changes in terms of social stratification since the collapse of the Soviet Union. During this time, extensive reforms have taken place in the organisation of health services, including the development of the private sector. Previous studies in Russia have shown a wide gap in mortality between socioeconomic(More)
AIMS To examine the sexual behaviour of reproductive age women in St Petersburg and its variation according to socio-demographic characteristics. METHODS A cross-sectional survey with a self-administered questionnaire. A random sample of women aged 18-44 in two districts in St Petersburg in 2004 were invited to a woman's clinic to complete a(More)
CONTEXT Although the characteristics associated with contraceptive use among Russian women have been studied, no large-scale research has been conducted on women's use of different contraceptive methods and abortion. METHODS A random sample of 1,147 women aged 18-44 completed questionnaires at local women's clinics in St. Petersburg in 2003-2004.(More)
ESTONIAN WOMEN'S HEALTH: sexual and reproductive health, health behavior, attitudes and use of health care services 1 REFER rühm on rahvusvaheline teaduskonsortsium, kes juhib projekti " Reproductive Health and Fertility Patterns – A Comparative Approach ". Selles osalevad järgmised teadusasutused ja isikud: Tartu Ülikool – 7 Kesseli K et al.(More)
The new financing mechanisms introduced into the Russian health care system since the beginning of the 1990s have not resolved its severe financial problems. This article examines the consequences for outpatient services and the daily work of individual doctors in St. Petersburg, using women's reproductive health services as a case example. Interview and(More)
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a minimally invasive and promising new method in cancer treatment. Cytotoxic reactive oxygen species (ROS) are generated by the tissue-localized non-toxic sensitizer upon illumination and in the presence of oxygen. Thus, selective destruction of a targeted tumor may be achieved. Compared with traditional cancer treatment, PDI(More)