Olga Kruglova

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Administration of piracetam to infantile rats in a daily dose of 100 mg/kg for 10 days caused acceleration of sexual maturation of females and a slight delay of maturation of males. Antenatal administration of the same dose of piracetam exerted a depressive action on the development of the organs of the reproductive system in males from the offspring with a(More)
Flaps can be detached from a thin film glued on a solid substrate by tearing and peeling. For flat substrates, it has been shown that these flaps spontaneously narrow and collapse in pointy triangular shapes. Here we show that various shapes, triangular, elliptic, acuminate, or spatulate, can be observed for the tears by adjusting the curvature of the(More)
in alcohol, the pyr idazine-andros tenol (IIa) is obtained; the s t ruc tu re of this compound was confi rmed by IR, NMR, m a s s s p e c t r a l , and analytical data (Tables 1 and 2). The reac t ion mixture did not contain any aminopyrro le or sa tura ted pyr idazine analogs [3]. Hyd ro lys i s of the acetyl group in IIa gave ]:fro which was oxidized by(More)
The dynamics of the discotic liquid-crystalline system, hexakis (n-hexyloxy) triphenylene (HAT6), is considered in the frame of the phenomenological model for rate processes proposed by Berlin. It describes the evolution of the system in the presence of the long-time scale correlations in the system, and we compare this with experimental quasielastic(More)
The cancerogenic activity of the dispirotripiperasinium derivatives prospidine and spirobromine was tested in concurrent use with sodium nitrite. The drugs were intragastrically administered once a week. It was combined with sodium nitrite, 35 mg/kg, to non-inbred rats of both sex during 24 months. A morphological study revealed no statistically significant(More)
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