Olga Krachina

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This research focuses on the development of an inference mechanism based on a particular variety of non-axiomatic systems known as Ontological Semantics. Systems with a heavy semantics emphasis and dynamic learning capabilities indicate a greater potential in inference-related applications, largely due to the structure of the resources which allows(More)
How well the privacy policy follows a regulation is one of the current concerns of the user. Such a task can be accomplished by directly querying the policy statement with the regulation text. Automation of the process requires an expressive meaning-based framework for Natural Language Processing (NLP). This paper discusses the Ontological Semantics(More)
This paper attempts, out of necessity, to reach two different audiences—never such a great idea! For those familiar with the ontological semantic approach, it focuses, in Section 3, on the crucial issue of expanding ontological semantic resources to new specific domains, which is a decisive factor for spreading the use of the ontological semantic legacy(More)
This paper addresses resolution of normative inconsistencies in privacy regulation resulting from merging documents of various kinds. The solution we propose is similar to the past approaches [4], in that we also resort to the implementation of a certain priority in order to resolve actual contradiction. At the core of the processing conflicts lies(More)
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