Olga Kozlova

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Most currently available short-term toxicity assays are based on bacterial cells. Therefore there is a need for novel eukaryotic microbial bioassays that will be relevant to higher eukaryotes such as animals and plants. Ca2+ is a universal intracellular signalling molecule found in all organisms from prokaryotes to highly specialized animal cells. In fungi(More)
Factored Reinforcement Learning (frl) is a new technique to solve Factored Markov Decision Problems (fmdps) when the structure of the problem is not known in advance. Like Anticipatory Learning Classifier Systems (alcss), it is a model-based Reinforcement Learning approach that includes generalization mechanisms in the presence of a structured domain. In(More)
The cellular and Ca2+ responses to physiological stimuli of different nature were studied in the experiments with the strain Aspergillus awamori 66A containing recombinant aequorin, a Ca2+-dependent photosensitive protein. The relationship between the cellular response registered by changes in the development of the mycelial fungus (colony growth, hyphal(More)
The microbial alkylhydroxybenzenes (AHB), which are anabiosis autoinducers also termed d1 factors, participate in the stress response of mycelial fungi, as determined from changes in intracellular Ca2+ concentration. By using the genetically modified strain Aspergillus awamori 66A, which produces the recombinant Ca2+-dependent protein aequorin, the dynamics(More)
Factored Reinforcement Learning (FRL) is a method to solve Factored Markov Decision Processes when the structure of the transition and reward functions of the problem must be learned. In this paper, we present TeXDYNA, an algorithm that combines the abstraction techniques of Semi-Markov Decision Processes to perform the automatic hierarchical decomposition(More)
Abstract—The temperature dependence of the Cs clock transition frequency in a vapor cell filled with Ne buffer gas has been measured. The experimental setup is based on the coherent population trapping (CPT) technique and a temporal Ramsey interrogation allowing a high resolution. A quadratic dependence of the frequency shift is shown. The temperature of(More)
The nuclei are ejected from the pigeon erythrocytes and apoptotic vesicles form in these cells in the presence of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide intensifies LPO processes and changes phospholipid content. The relative content of phosphatidylcholine, sphingomyelin, and phosphatidylserine decreased, while that of phosphatidylethanolamine and(More)
Reinforcement learning is one of the main adaptive mechanisms that is both well documented in animal behaviour and giving rise to computational studies in animats and robots. In this paper, we present TeXDYNA, an algorithm designed to solve large reinforcement learning problems with unknown structure by integrating hierarchical abstraction techniques of(More)
The Factored Markov Decision Process (FMDP) framework is a standard representation for sequential decision problems under uncertainty where the state is represented as a collection of random variables. Factored Reinforcement Learning (FRL) is an Model-based Reinforcement Learning approach to FMDPs where the transition and reward functions of the problem are(More)
The results of an annual prophylactic medical examination were studied in 288 women aged 60-87 years. Primary and repeated visits revealed that 92.9% of the patients had endometrial pathology presented with glandular-fibrous polyps that both recurred and occurred de novo. Adenocarcinomas developing 4-14 years after polypectomy were diagnosed in 7.1% of the(More)