Olga Korotkova

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It was shown recently that the basic properties of a fluctuating electromagnetic beam can be derived from knowledge of a 2 x 2 cross-spectral density matrix of the electric field in the source plane. However, not every such matrix represents a source that will generate a beamlike field. We derive conditions that the matrix must satisfy for the source to(More)
Analytic expressions for the mutual coherence function (MCF) and the scintillation index of a partially coherent lowest order Gaussian beam wave propagating through the atmosphere (based on Kolmogorov spectrum model) are developed for the pupil plane of a receiving system. Partial coherence of the beam is modeled as a thin (complex) phase screen with(More)
A hot-air turbulence emulator is employed for generating controlled optical clear air turbulence in the weak fluctuation regime in laboratory conditions. The analysis of the first and second-order statistical moments of the fluctuating intensity of a propagating infra-red (IR) laser beam through the turbulence emulator is made and the results are compared(More)
In this paper, we study the effects of turbulent atmosphere on the degree of polarization of a partially coherent electromagnetic beam, which propagates through it. The beam is described by a 2 × 2 cross-spectral density matrix and is assumed to be generated by a planar, secondary, electromagnetic Gaussian Schell-model source. The analysis is based on a(More)
On the basis of the unified theory of coherence and polarization, we investigate the behavior of the state of polarization of a stochastic electromagnetic beam in a Gaussian cavity. Formulations both in terms of Stokes parameters and in terms of polarization ellipse are given. We show that the state of polarization stabilizes, except in the case of a(More)
Radiation force of a focused scalar twisted Gaussian Schell-model (TGSM) beam on a Rayleigh dielectric sphere is investigated. It is found that the twist phase affects the radiation force and by raising the absolute value of the twist factor it is possible to increase both transverse and longitudinal trapping ranges at the real focus where the maximum(More)
We demonstrate, through numerical simulations, that an appropriately chosen nonuniformly polarized coherent optical field can have appreciably smaller scintillation than comparable beams of uniform polarization. This results from the fact that a nonuniformly polarized field acts as an effective two-mode partially coherent field. The results described here(More)
An angular spectrum representation is applied for a description of statistical properties of arbitrary beamlike fields propagating through atmospheric turbulence. The Rytov theory is used for the characterization of the perturbation of the field by the atmosphere. In particular, we derive expressions for the cross-spectral density of a coherent and a(More)
The effect of polysaccharide monooxygenase (endoglucanase IV) from the fungus Trichoderma reesei on the hydrolysis of polysaccharide substrates by cellulases secreted by the fungus Penicillium verruculosum has been investigated. Supplementation of the enzyme complex from P. verruculosum by endoglucanase IV from T. reesei has been shown to elevate the(More)