Olga Kolesnichenko

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Big Data is the phenomenon of the Information era. Big Data is a new dimension to explore, collecting Big Data we fix the time. Big Data has some functions, including impact on society, form spatio-temporal structures, change the world and future, and integration society with IT technologies. Most important aspect is risk in Cloud computing. To leverage(More)
In this study EMC Academic Alliance for the first time has applied the new approach to organize the Big Data Analytics study. The Multicenter Study "Third Wave" was presented at the EMC Academic Forum Russia & CIS 2015, at the International Scientific Congress "Globalistics-2015" and at the Russia National Supercomputing Forum 2015. Was implemented the(More)
The results of Text Big Data Analytics Study «Third Wave» are presented. Morphological Text Big Data Analytics is described as a new resource for flexible Global management metrics. The problem of Muslim refugees was viewed as the most urgent for Global management. New rating of countries Index of Intrastate Stability was prepared. The main(More)
Text Big Data Analytics Study «Third Wave» is described. Morphological matrix of several Keywords Phrases was collected from Internet's open textual resources using API. The results are analyzed from the point of view that global Internet's audience forms «people-to-IT» system through that we can study the three(More)
One of the top priority goals of space medical operations is timely diagnostics of strained body regulation, particularly in the cardiovascular system, during space flight. Analysis of telemetric data allows foresee cardiovascular adaptation disturbance such as failure to stabilize arterial pressure and possible development of arterial hypertension aboard(More)
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