Olga K Greengauz-Roberts

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Laser capture microdissection (LCM) provides the capability to isolate and analyze small numbers of cells from a specific area of a histologic section. LCM has particular value for analysis of early stage tumors, which are often small and intermixed with non-tumor tissue. It has previously been shown that a new generation of cysteine-reactive cyanine dyes(More)
The oxidized form of extractable human hair keratin proteins, commonly referred to as keratose, is gaining interest as a biomaterial for multiple tissue engineering studies including those directed toward peripheral nerve, spinal cord, skin, and bone regeneration. Unlike its disulfide cross-linked counterpart, kerateine, keratose does not possess a(More)
The structure-property relationships of kerateine materials were studied by separating crude hair extracts into two protein sub-fractions, referred to as α- and γ-kerateines, followed by their de novo recombination into meta-kerateine hydrogels, sponges and films. The kerateine fractions were characterized using electrophoresis and mass spectrometry, which(More)
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