Olga K. Davydova

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This work is concerned with the role of alkylhydroxybenzenes (AHBs), chemical analogs of the autoregulatory microbial d 1 factors, on the development of the stress response of bacterial cells to UV irradiation, including SOS system induction, preservation of cell viability, and S → R phase transitions of the Escherichia coli test strain with the(More)
Molecular and cellular luminescent biotests were used to reveal the effects of five alkylresorcinol homologues (C7-, C9-, C11-, C12-, and C18-AR) on the thermally-induced denaturation and refolding of bacterial luciferases, as well as on the synthesis of heat shock proteins. The ARs activities were found to depend on their fine structure and concentration.(More)
The antioxidant activities of five alkylresorcinol (AR) homologs with alkyl chains of 1, 3, 5 6 and 12 carbon atoms were studied using molecular and cellular assays for superoxide anions ( $O_2 ^{. - } $ ). The effect of ARs as superoxide anion scavengers was assessed using the photochemical reaction of spontaneous photo-reduced flavin re-oxidation. In this(More)
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