Olga K. Davydova

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The alkylhydroxybenzene (AHB) autoregulatory factors d1 (fd1) of microorganisms have been found to directly interact with highly polymeric DNA. This circumstance results in changes, related to alterations in the topology of this macromolecule, in DNA physicochemical properties. The physicochemical properties of DNA in the presence of chemical analogues of(More)
This work is concerned with the role of alkylhydroxybenzenes (AHBs), chemical analogs of the autoregulatory microbial d 1 factors, on the development of the stress response of bacterial cells to UV irradiation, including SOS system induction, preservation of cell viability, and S → R phase transitions of the Escherichia coli test strain with the(More)
We established that chemical analogues of alkylhydroxybenzenes (AHB), belonging to alkylresorcinols and functioning as microbial autoregulatory d1 factors, enhance the UV resistance of various DNA molecules of different origin and conformation. These include the linear DNA of the lambda phage, bovine spleen DNA, and the DNA of the pUC19 plasmid that is(More)
Molecular and cellular luminescent biotests were used to reveal the effects of five alkylresorcinol homologues (C7-, C9-, C11-, C12-, and C18-AR) on the thermally-induced denaturation and refolding of bacterial luciferases, as well as on the synthesis of heat shock proteins. The ARs activities were found to depend on their fine structure and concentration.(More)
Acute and subacute experiments were conducted to evaluate threshold response of white rats to variable magnetic intensity of magnetic section of electromagnetic irradiation with fixed frequency (3 MHz).
The fact of long-term preservation of the physicochemical properties of DNA molecules in aqueous solutions in complexes with methylresorcinol, hexylresorcinol, and tyrosol, the chemical analogues of microbial autoregulators (d1 factors) from the group of alkylhydroxybenzenes (AOB), was established. Compared to the control variants of storage of aqueous DNA(More)
The antioxidant activities of five alkylresorcinol (AR) homologs with alkyl chains of 1, 3, 5 6 and 12 carbon atoms were studied using molecular and cellular assays for superoxide anions ( $O_2 ^{. - } $ ). The effect of ARs as superoxide anion scavengers was assessed using the photochemical reaction of spontaneous photo-reduced flavin re-oxidation. In this(More)
Myocardium has been investigated in 68 human fetuses and newborns suffered from intrauterine acute and prolonged hypoxia, occurred as a result of various maternal, fetal and placental diseases. Under acute hypoxia only reactive changes of the contractile myocardium appear. They are demonstrated as degeneration of muscle fibers and appearance of scattered(More)
The paper describes a conceptually logic and mathematical model of the body's responses to the combined exposure to several physiotherapeutical factors. The model has been developed by transforming the basic differential equation of Volterra's survival theory and realizing as a computer program. The model enables one to find the optimal combinations of the(More)