Olga I Lylova

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Four different polymorphisms in the human p53 gene (a 16-bp duplication in intron 3, and three RFLPs: for Bsh1236I at codon 72, for MspI in intron 6 and for BamHI in the 3′ flanking region) and extended haplotypes were studied in nine geographically diverse populations from Russia and Belarus. The Yakuts differed from all other populations, as they had a(More)
It was demonstrated previously that the three-locus RFLP haplotype, TaqI B-TaqI D-TaqI A (B-D-A), at the DRD2 locus constitutes a powerful genetic marker and probably reflects the most ancient dispersal of anatomically modern humans. We investigated TaqI B, BclI, MboI, TaqI D, and TaqI A RFLPs in 17 contemporary populations of the East European Plain and(More)
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