Olga I. Garcia

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BAEP records were obtained from 30 brain-dead patients. Three BAEP patterns were observed: (1) no identifiable waves (73.34%), (2) an isolated bilateral wave I (16.66%), and (3) an isolated unilateral wave I (10%). When wave I was present, it was always significantly delayed. Significant augmentation of wave I amplitude was present bilaterally in one case(More)
This paper describes the SSEP patterns in BD when using restricted filter bandpass setting, with special emphasis on the dissociation of some SSEP components when cephalic and non-cephalic references are used. A characteristic SSEP pattern was found: absence of N20 and later responses in the Cc'-Fpz lead and preservation of all or some of the so-called(More)
Visual evoked potentials and electroretinograms were elicited by light-emitting diode stimulation and recorded simultaneously, with cephalic and noncephalic references, in 30 normal subjects and in 30 brain-dead patients. A characteristic pattern was found in the group of patients: when a cephalic reference was used for both visual evoked potentials and the(More)
Clonal cytogenetic abnormalities are found in 20-30% of patients with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (CMML), while gene mutations are present in >90% of cases. Patients with low risk cytogenetic features account for 80% of CMML cases and often fall into the low risk categories of CMML prognostic scoring systems, but the outcome differs considerably among(More)
The generation of nano-microstructured surfaces is a current challenge in polymer science. The fabrication of such surfaces has been accomplished mainly following two different alternatives i.e., by adapting techniques, such as molding (embossing) or nano/microimprinting, or by developing novel techniques including laser ablation, soft lithography or laser(More)
In this report we describe our experience conducting a class activity where students learned and practiced observation skills. In the activity, students in small groups observed and were observed making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The groups then used their observations to sketch designs for a peanut butter and jelly maker that they presented to the(More)
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