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82 P&T® • February 2010 • Vol. 35 No. 2 INTRODUCTION Gout is a rheumatic condition resulting from the deposition of monosodium urate crystals (tophi) in the joints or soft tissues. It is usually associated with elevated serum uric acid levels (greater than 7 mg/dL). The diagnosis is based on uric acid crystals found in the joints, tissues, or body fluids,(More)
Overactive bladder (OAB) is a prevalent and costly condition that can affect any age group. Typical symptoms include urinary urgency, frequency, incontinence and nocturia. OAB occurs as a result of abnormal contractions of the bladder detrusor muscle caused by the stimulation of certain muscarinic receptors. Therefore, antimuscarinic agents have long been(More)
134 P&T® • March 2008 • Vol. 33 No. 3 INTRODUCTION Carbapenems represent a class of beta-lactam antibacterial agents with a broad spectrum of activity against grampositive, gram-negative, and anaerobic bacteria. This class is bactericidal in nature, but it does not cover species of Enterococcus faecium, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), or(More)
Changes in body weight can affect the overall health of an older patient and should not be considered a normal part of the aging process. In particular, weight loss can lead to numerous adverse health outcomes affecting daily activities, loss of functional status, and increased mortality. Approximately 15% to 20% of older adults experience unintentional(More)
Lupus is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease with a wide range of clinical presentations resulting from its effect on multiple organ systems. There are four main types of lupus: neonatal, discoid, drug-induced, and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), the type that affects the majority of patients. Patients with lupus experience a loss of(More)
188 P&T® • April 2009 • Vol. 34 No. 4 INTRODUCTION Hypertension is an asymptomatic condition of persistently elevated blood pressure (BP) that affects approximately 50 million Americans and one billion people worldwide. It has been associated with other diseases and events such as myo cardial infarction (MI), heart failure, stroke, and kidney disease.(More)
PURPOSE A case of lamotrigine-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) is reported. SUMMARY A 29-year-old woman with a medical history of schizoaffective disorder arrived at the emergency department with a severe generalized skin reaction. Three to four days prior she had noticed bumps on her lips that had spread to her oral mucosa. She had also developed a(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy and safety of α-adrenergic blockers in the treatment of female lower-urinary-tract symptoms and dysfunction. DATA SOURCES Literature searches were conducted using EMBASE (1974 to January 2014), International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (1970 to January 2014), and MEDLINE (1946 to January 2014) to identify clinical trials(More)