Olga Glotova

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The paper introduces CORPRES – a fully annotated Russian speech corpus developed at the Department of Phonetics, St. Petersburg State University as a result of a three-year project. The corpus includes samples of different speaking styles produced by 4 male and 4 female speakers. Six levels of annotation cover all phonetic and prosodic information about the(More)
A three-component Ge-As-Se system is studied by the nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR) method on (75)As nuclei and by the nutation NQR spectroscopy. The NQR (75)As spectra of the glasses Ge(0.021) As(0.375) Se(0.604), Ge(0.043) As(0.348) Se(0.609) and Ge(0.068) As(0.318) Se(0.614) reveal broad lines with two peaks assigned to the main structural unit of(More)
The method of random sampling was introduced for the first time in the nutation nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR) spectroscopy where the nutation spectra show characteristic singularities in the form of shoulders. The analytic formulae for complex two-dimensional (2-D) nutation NQR spectra (I = 3/2) were obtained and the condition for resolving the(More)
The non-cyclic geometric phase of ¹⁴N and ³⁵Cl NQR signals induced by the character of trajectory of nuclear magnetization motion upon pulse r.f. excitation of powdered samples is studied. Analytical expressions for the geometric phases of NQR signals of the nuclei of spins I=1 and 3/2 upon nuclear magnetization rotation induced by means of r.f. pulses with(More)
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