Olga Ferrer-Roca

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Quantitative aspects of cytology and histology should be considered in diagnostic standardisation processes. The present paper summarises the cytological differences detected in 75 thyroid lesions using a computerized textural analysis. Cells stained with progressive hematoxylin and taken from paraffin blocks were overlaid with the extracted texture. This(More)
BACKGROUND Three-dimensional ultrasound images allow virtual sonography even at a distance. However, the size of final 3-D files limits their transmission through slow networks such as the Internet. OBJECTIVE To analyze compression techniques that transform ultrasound images into small 3-D volumes that can be transmitted through the Internet without loss(More)
Genetic heterogeneity of benign thyroid lesions Static and flow cytometry, karyotyping and in situ hybridization analysis Abstract. The present series includes 75 thyroid lesions (38 goiters, 30 adenomas, 3 follicullo-papillary encapsulated carcinomas and 4 normal thyroid) that were studied by static and flow cytometry. Four cases were also analyzed by in(More)
Objectives: We used three-dimensional ultrasound with trans-abdominal Power-Doppler (3D-US PD) to determine placental vascular evolution in normal pregnancies (NP) and in insulin-dependent Gestational Diabetes Pregnancies (GDP). Study design: We obtained 473 measurements from 43 NP at 20 weeks-40 weeks gestation and 122 measurements from 70(More)
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