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OBJECTIVES 3D-Ultrasound reconstruction, routinely available since 1994, has brought new technical capabilities such as virtual sonography that can be tele-consulted. Our experience is summarized in the present paper. METHODS During one year, 73 3D-US volumetric images coming from 34 patients were acquired and 68 were consulted at distance. Acquisitions(More)
We conducted a trial of mobile phone text messaging (short message service; SMS) for diabetes management. In an eight-month period, 23 diabetic patients used the service. Patients used SMS to transmit data such as blood glucose levels and body weight to a server. The server automatically answered with an SMS acknowledgement message. A monthly calculated(More)
Horizontal cleavages and lateral cysts were examined in a series of 70 menisci. The horizontal cleavage (HC) is the most frequent form of tear, occurring most often in the middle third of the lateral meniscus. Horizontal cleavages which reach the base of the meniscus triangle connect with parameniscal cysts. Extension of the horizontal cleavage into the(More)
We developed a diabetes management system with a Web interface that allowed patients to transmit their physiological data using either a PC Web browser or a mobile phone capable of working with the WAP protocol. The system could generate automatic responses to input values in accordance with a set of ranges previously defined for each user. User analysis(More)
We studied the environment for telemedicine in the Canary Islands. The population's attitude to telemedicine was surveyed in 503 questionnaire interviews with doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and patients on the seven islands. Almost half the respondents (46-50% across groups) had a positive opinion of telemedicine. We also collected data about telephone(More)
Systematic macroscopic and microscopic measurements of the tibial surface of 70 menisci helped to reveal associated minimal dysplastic lesions. The normal meniscus is divided into upper and lower areas by the middle perforating bundle. Considering its high frequency, a minimal myxoid degeneration in the center of the meniscus is normal. Classic myxoid(More)
The ability to obtain information about the structure of tissue without taking a sample for pathology has opened the way for new diagnostic techniques. The present paper reviews all currently available techniques capable of producing an optical biopsy, with or without morphological images. Most of these techniques are carried out by physicians who are not(More)
An automated classification of 73 thyroid lesions using a logical and mathematical approach was attempted. Densitometric, morphometric and flow cytometric parameters were used in Fisher linear discriminant functions to separate goiters or normal thyroids from adenomas and from carcinomas; the combination of this approach with binary discrimination improved(More)