Olga E. Ortiz

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We developed a mathematical model of the reticulocyte, seeking to explain how a cell with similar volume but much higher ionic traffic than the mature red cell (RBC) regulates its volume, pH, and ion content in physiological and abnormal conditions. Analysis of the fluxbalance required by reticulocytes to conserve volume and composition predicted the(More)
Experiments were performed to test specific predictions of an integrated red cell model developed by Lew and Bookchin [Lew, V.L., Bookchin, R.M.J. Membrane Biol. 92:57–74 (1986)], that K-permeabilized human red cells suspended in low-K media would dehydrate and lose an alkaline, hypertonic fluid with excess K over accompanying anions, and that cell(More)
Experiments tested whether supplemental antioxidants improved fertility. To test effects of beta-carotene, cows in a hot environment were injected with prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF2 alpha) and were given 3 injections, i.m., of 800 mg beta-carotene or saline at Days -6 and -3 before the anticipated date of insemination and at insemination (n = 37-41(More)
A total of 198 cows were randomly assigned to treatment with a single intramuscular injection of 10 ml of a preparation containing vitamin E and selenium or placebo 3 wk before expected parturition. Incidence of retained fetal membranes was 3.0% for the treated group and 10.1% for the control group (P=0.06). Administration of MU-SE also increased the(More)
1. Our findings of a low total magnesium content in the dense fraction (over 1.118 g ml-1) of sickle cell anaemia (SS) red cells seemed inconsistent with the low Mg2+ permeability and outward Mg2+ gradient seen in normal red cells, and prompted studies of the Mg2+ permeability and equilibria in the SS cells. 2. Deoxygenation and sickling induced Mg2+(More)
Inside-out vesicles from the membranes of dog erythrocytes were obtained by the method of Lew & Seymour (1982) for study of Ca movements. In the absence of ATP, 45Ca accumulation by the vesicles was inhibited by external Na and stimulated by internal Na. The presence of either MgCl2, quinidine sulphate, or LaCl3 in the incubation medium inhibited 45Ca(More)
Much recent interest in the mechanism of dehydration of the dense subpopulation of sickle-cell anaemia (SS) red cells, including the 'irreversibly sickled cells' (ISCs), stems from the view that these relatively rigid cells have a major role in the two main clinical features of the disease, namely haemolytic anaemia and microvascular occlusion. The(More)
Reported findings of elevated total calcium (Ca) contents in erythrocytes (RBCs) from patients with beta-thalassemia intermedia (beta-TI) prompted the question of whether the state and transport of Ca in these RBCs are similar to those in sickle cell anemia (SS) RBCs where the increased Ca is compartmentalized in endocytic inside-out vesicles and extracted(More)
To explore our hypothesis of a direct reticulocyte origin of irreversibly sickled cells (ISCs), we fractionated light, reticulocyte-rich, and discocyte-rich sickle anemia red cells on Stractan gradients, and examined the effects of deoxygenation-induced sickling, external Ca2+, acidification, and replacing external Na+ by impermeant N-methyl-D-glucamine(More)