Olga Dlouhá

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The aim of this project is to use central auditory tests for diagnosis of central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) in children with specific language impairment (SLI), in order to confirm relationship between speech-language impairment and central auditory processing. We attempted to establish special dichotic binaural tests in Czech language modified(More)
Four children, 3 boys and 1 girl, with the syndrome of acquired aphasia Landau-Kleffner were followed up during the last 10 years. In 3 children an episodic form of the disease with a good response to corticosteroid treatment and with a favourable prognosis was observed. In the other 1 no improvement of speech function was observed and also epileptic fits(More)
The capability of speech understanding can be tested in the form of sentences. This report describes the origin of a new test in the Czech language to evaluate the sentence intelligibility with the presence of the competitive disturb noise. The results of the test depend on the test project, sentence material, competitive signal, test evaluation, and(More)
This study reports longitudinal follow-up of 300 children with developmental dysphasia. Their expressive disturbances are a manifestation of their auditory decoding impairment. These children were investigated on battery of tests of spoken language, of phonological processing and of different audiometric procedures, in order to register all the information(More)
The authors demonstrate a child with Landau-Kleffner's syndrome, i.e. the syndrome of so-called acquired aphasia of child age associated with paroxysmal EEG activity, which was described in 1957 by the above mentioned authors. It is characterized by loss of speech (receptive and expressive function), EEG changes, behavioral disorders, psychomotor disorders(More)
Sensorineural hearing loss is more common in patients with diabetes than in the control nondiabetic patients, and severity of hearing loss seemed to correlate with progression of disease. This may be due to microangiopathic disease in the inner ear. References for diabetic microangiopathy are presented. Sensorineural hearing loss can often be helped by(More)