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CONCLUSION The test is simple and sensitive enough to separate normal subjects from patients suffering from a vestibular loss. There was also a good correlation between the objective results and the subjective complaint of oscillopsia. OBJECTIVES Oscillopsia (i.e. blurred vision while walking) is often reported by patients suffering from vestibular loss.(More)
It has been suggested that Ménière's disease is part of a polyganglionitis in which symptoms result from the reactivation of neurotropic virus within the internal auditory canal, and that intratympanic applications of an antiviral agent might be an efficient therapy. In 2002, we performed a pilot study ending with encouraging results. Control of vertigo was(More)
CONCLUSION Subjectivity seems to play a definite role in the interpretation of the pendular test, but somewhat less for caloric testing, where pure visual analysis seems to be more reliable. Automated values provided by proof-tested software may be useful. OBJECTIVES In some centers, the interpretation of videonystagmography is still based on direct(More)
Since the presence of Chlamydia nucleic acids has been shown in synovial fluid (SF) from some patients with Chlamydia reactive arthritis, we investigated whether commercially available tests, developed to detect Chlamydia nucleic acids in urogenital samples, could also be used for their detection in SF samples. We therefore tested SF samples, found positive(More)
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