Olga Dedova

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A library of long peptides displayed on the pIII protein of filamentous phage was used in biopanning experiments against several protein targets. We find that a large percentage of phage clones that bind specifically to a target contain peptide-encoding genes that do not have an ORF. Instead, the reading frame is either interrupted by one or more(More)
Insulin is thought to elicit its effects by crosslinking the two extracellular alpha-subunits of its receptor, thereby inducing a conformational change in the receptor, which activates the intracellular tyrosine kinase signaling cascade. Previously we identified a series of peptides binding to two discrete hotspots on the insulin receptor. Here we show that(More)
Monoclonal antibody PAb1620 recognizes a conformational epitope on the transcription factor p53 and, upon binding, allosterically inhibits p53 binding to DNA. A highly diverse (1.5×1010 members) phage-displayed library of peptides containing 40 random amino acids was used to identify the PAb1620 binding site on p53. Panning this library against PAb1620(More)
Among patients admitted to the therapeutic department of the general hospital for 5 years, diagnosis of pericarditis was made in 110 patients (0.44%). Among the most common causes of secondary pericarditis were: chronic renal failure (31.8%), diffuse lesion of the connective tissue (17.7%), tumor metastases to the pericardium (15.5%). Primary pericarditis(More)
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