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Simultaneous two-photon imaging of intracellular chloride concentration and pH in mouse pyramidal neurons in vivo
Significance The control of intracellular Cl− and pH plays a crucial role in several neuronal functions, and the study of these processes would be helped by tools for their noninvasive opticalExpand
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Understanding Spreading Depression from Headache to Sudden Unexpected Death
Spreading depression (SD) is a neurophysiological phenomenon characterized by abrupt changes in intracellular ion gradients and sustained depolarization of neurons. It leads to loss of electricalExpand
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Evolution of Epileptiform Activity in Zebrafish by Statistical-Based Integration of Electrophysiology and 2-Photon Ca2+ Imaging
The study of sources and spatiotemporal evolution of ictal bursts is critical for the mechanistic understanding of epilepsy and for the validation of anti-epileptic drugs. Zebrafish is a powerfulExpand
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A Cre-amplifier to generate and detect genetic mosaics in vivo
Cre-Lox manipulation is the gold standard for cell-specific expression or knockout of selected genes. However, it is not unusual to deal with conditions of low Cre expression or transient activation,Expand