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Gene encoding flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 (FMO3), a microsomal antioxidant defense enzyme, has been suggested to contribute to essential hypertension (EH). The present study was designed to investigate whether common functional polymorphism E158K (rs2266782) of the FMO3 gene is associated with EH susceptibility in a Russian population. A total of 2(More)
Oxidative stress resulting from an increased amount of reactive oxygen species and an imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants has been implicated in pathogenesis of cerebral stroke. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between common polymorphisms of glutathione S-transferase M1, T1, and P1 genes and risk of stroke in(More)
Objective. To study the characteristics of neuropsychological status on the basis of functional asymmetry in patients who have suffered ischemic stroke (IS). Materials and methods. A total of 92 patients with IS of different pathogenetic subtypes (atherothrombotic, cardioembolic, lacunar) were studied. Results. We report here the fi rst description of(More)
We studied the relationship between lipoprotein lipase (LPL) gene HindIII polymorphism and the development of acute pancreatitis in the Russian population. Whole blood samples were collected from 145 patients with acute non-biliary pancreatitis and 191 healthy individuals. Genotyping of LPL gene HindIII (rs320) polymorphism was performed by PCR with TaqMan(More)
This paper investigates the disagreements that may occur between on-wafer measurements and electromagnetic (EM) simulations of high-Q inductive devices. Such disagreements are highlighted on a planar spiral inductor and a 3-D solenoid which exhibit measured maximum Q-factors of 27 and 35, respectively, while 42 and 45 were expected from EM simulations. Both(More)
We studied the relationship between the risk of chronic heart disease and FMO3 gene polymorphism E158K analyzed by PCR and restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis. The homozygous 158KK genotype of FMO3 gene is associated with high risk of chronic heart disease in women, but not in men. FMO3 gene polymorphism E158K is a significant predictor(More)
Violations of the endothelium-dependent regulation of cerebral vessel tone are an important link in the pathogenesis of cerebrovascular disorders. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association of −786T>C and E298D polymorphisms of the endothelial nitric oxide synthase (NOS3) gene with the risk of cerebral stroke (CS) in Russian inhabitants of(More)
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